In 2008 Robyn's husband, Rowland suffered a major accident & has required six surgeries on his spine, ankle & knee. Robyn has been his carer as he rehabilitates. During this difficult season, Robyn decided to concentrate all her creative energy into project managing the Vannequin concept, from design into reality. Robyn’s keen, innovative designer eye, along with her rich career and life experience, have all played an integral part and hold significant value in bringing Robyn’s invention of Vannequin to you today.

Vannequin™ was developed by Robyn over 3 years, with the 7th prototype becoming the one that was settled on. Robyn wanted to create a body form that could be made at home or in a group class setting. The concept was to achieve this using only fabric and soft fibre filling. This presented many challenges because fabric patterns for such shapes did not exist. Robyn had to create each part just from her sketches and drawings, and then transfer a pattern onto different fabrics for testing and shaping her body form. Robyn sought the help of a structural engineer, and together they were able to find what internal fabric structure could be best used, which did not require any solid parts, such as plastic, wood or other hard materials. Nothing other than fabric and soft fibre fill was needed.

This means NO messy glue, NO sticky duct tape and NO spray foams.

After solving the internal issues, Robyn created her first body form. When filled with soft polyester fibre fill, could be firm enough to endure the wear and tear of a standard dress form. Now that the initial hurdles were overcome concerning the internal fabric pattern and construction method, another issue that was always present right from starting the concept could now be addressed. That was, its ultimate need to be used on a display stand.

Robyn, along with the engineer, agreed on some small bases and PVC tubing that would fit into the leg bases, thus allowing for a the torso to be placed on a stand for use as an upright dress form. Robyn also desired to give the invention the benefit of large bust with cleavage, that a dress maker could benefit from. This gave Vannequin™ a full figured sillouette.

The platform was now set for Robyn, and from her blueprint, designed and created a dress form without legs. The desired result came from one prototype, the internals were agreed upon with the aid of the engineer, and the completed results have been very rewarding. Robyn has been granted an Australian Patent, and Patents are also in process internationally.

Happy Sewing & Creating!
From age 16, Robyn studied for 3 yrs at the prestigious East Sydney Fashion Design Studio. At age 18, Robyn was the 1st place winner of the 1982 Inaugural DuPont Lycra Awards. Since winning this prestigious award, Robyn has continued to bring innovation to the Fashion, Art and Craft Industries.

From then on, Robyn has stepped out into the world of fashion and designing, embarking on a career in design at two Sydney Fashion Houses, and then onto a Visual Merchandising role for a leading Retail Department Store in Sydney, Australia.

In 1986, Robyn was offered an opportunity to become an International Cabin Supervisor with Qantas Airlines and flew for a further 12 years. In this role Robyn travelled the globe countless times over, discovering wonderful places, people, fashion, trends, and life styles.
This has greatly contributed to Robyn's fashion design label, 'Robyn Lea Jones'.
Robyn has created seven main designs for the female, with some smaller designs in progress and processing the completion of the Male version, called Vannequin Quinn™.

We strongly believe through the process of making your own Vannequin™ you will gain a deep understanding of the shaping and contours of the human body. As you sew, you will learn the value of precision sewing, whilst also sharpening your creative skills.

You will learn about the internal engineering of the core pattern technology behind a sculptured torso model, using textiles to achieve the results. Informative instructions will demonstrate to you the order of assembly, and will bring you rewarding satisfaction.

When sewing Vannequin™ together piece by pattern piece to a method of construction, you will experience the transformation of a flat pattern into a Visual Art Piece. Vannequin is Patented, including registered copyright, architectural drawings and trademarks. Our desire is that your completed Vannequin™ project showcases itself as a quality, personal achievement in your creative life.

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The full body torso construction, offers you the greatest benefits of learning all about creating your Vannequin™.
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