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What diameter size pole will fit the Vannequin™ Dress Form and Body Torso Forms?

There are no industry standards for sizing, so for this reason many mannequins now sold on the market have different diameter size openings. It can be difficult to purchase a suitable dress form stand, so we have set our internal fittings to fit the main size : 1 inch (25 mm)  diameter pole. 
NOTE Vannequin Torso range will only fit  a stand pole size of 3/4 inch(19mm) this is due to the construction and needed stuffing to support the leg base when used on a stand.

NOTE(a 3/4 inch pole would be a very firm fit as it is fractionally bigger, compared to the metric19 mm pole).
What fabrics are available? 

We recommend a natural, heavyweight cotton calico/canvas/muslin style fabric. This type of fabric has been tried & tested in all of our prototypes. It performs well & offers good stability throughout the whole construction process. Our patterns use the fabric grain lines to enhance Vannequin™ shaping. The fabric we use is 100% cotton & the weight of the fabric varies slightly, but generally we prefer 7 oz.  or 240 gsm.  Internationally, each country can use different names for the same fabric that we use, such as Canvas, Calico, Muslin, or even Hemp etc.
We use 100% Hemp in our Made-to-Order Vannequins.
The fabrics we have used for the novelty Vannequin Body Pillow Range are good quality,coloured satins.
We have also used satins for the corset appliques on the Dress and Body Torso Forms.
How much fibre-fill/stuffing is required? 

Vannequin™ Body Pillow Range requires up to 3 lbs (1.3 Kg) of fibre-fill. 
Vannequin™ Dress Forms Range requires up to 5 lbs (2.5 KG)of fibre-fill.
Vannequin™ Body Torso Range requires up to 6 lbs (3.0 Kg) of fibre-fill.
What type of filler do you recommend?

We recommend a polyester toy stuffing fibre-fill, often used inside pillows, toys & craft projects. Every country has different standards.
 Click here to read more about the Fibre-Fill product. Click here for more details

Is it difficult to put the fibre-fill / stuffing into Vannequin?

Most definitely NOT. Vannequins are all constructed with a small zip at the back of the neck, this allows for easy filling with fibre-fill/stuffing. The process is not difficult and as per the full instructions supplied on the DVD, you will find the process enjoyable and be able to control the density of your completed Vannequin.
What is on the DVD?

The DVD we supply to you has a detailed ,comprehensive guide for every step required to create your Vannequin™ Dress Form, Body Torso or Body Pillow. Also, on the supplied DVD, are large,detailed images with informative instructions & video presentations.
We also include instructions on 'How to make a Crafter's Turntable' for your use with the Dress and Body Torso Forms.

Where can I get that extra support?

You can email us at :
Via Skype contact us with username vannequinlivechat (You can leave a message with your phone number and we will call you back)
You can also check out our  Blogger or Facebook pages. via the links at the top of the front website page  
Can I buy a Commercial license ? 

YES. This is available only upon application. Our Licence Agreement will enable you to instruct or teach classes in a group or class type setting. Your students will be supplied the kits directly through us at Vannequin™. We are offering full support to you, via our Web Instruction and a Guest Appearance from the Inventor, Robyn Lea Jones.
Please contact us at: with any further questions you may have.

Will you be creating grading and specific body shapes in the future ?

YES We are in the process of creating an algorithm within our software for the grading of our patterns for Vannequin™ with specific shapes and poses.

Do you hold any training courses ?

Yes, we hire facilities at the Queensland University of Technology in the city of Brisbane Australia, these are 1-3 day events, we also hold courses at other institutions and business houses around Australia, USA and UK.

Please give me some brief details about your Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks ?

We have a Patent granted in Australia patent title METHOD OF PRODUCING A STUFFED HUMAN LIKE FEMALE OR MALE TORSO and Patent Pending applications within the USA and UK. Other countries such as Asia and Europe are in progress. We have registered copyrights, architectural drawings and images within the USA and Trade Mark applications Internationally. We have three main law firms whom will deal with any issues related to infringements upon our Intellectual Property. We take seriously every infringement on our IP. The product research and development for Vannequin™ has taken us three years and thousands of dollars to reach where we are today. We are proud to offer our kits with licence agreements for individual personal use and commercial enterprise licence's for Business's, Universities, Colleges and Training Schools.
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   Here, you will find out what fabrics and fibre-fill we recommend and use in our kits.
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