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Some of the uses people use Vannequin™ body forms for the following.
For the Sewer / Student:

The only Patented Method Of Construction, that teaches you how to build your own body torso, an ideal home sewer dress form with a full torso.

For the Crafter:
Embroider, Beading, Quilting, Stamping, Applique,
Decoupage, Embellish,Design and Drape.

For the Artists:
The ideal canvas for to preserve and protect 3 dimensional body art.

For home decor:

An item for your special room or shop front display.

For the teacher / instructor:
We have introduced a license available upon application, for you to instruct or aid with what you already teach in a group or class. We offer your students Kits supplied by Vannequin™ including full support via our web instruction.

Paid guest appearances are available from the inventor.

For more details please contact: email
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Vannequin™ is a Patented Educational Project, designed for all fashion students, sewing enthusiasts, crafters and artisans.
Vannequin™, is the educational project to give you the skills and understanding into the creation of a fabric soft sculptured human torso. You will learn how flat pattern pieces fit together to build a pre-determined shaped sculpture. You will gain understanding into a new engineering perspective of construction and fabric bracing. You can also apply this into your pattern making skills.
You will be creatively released, armed with this innovative 3d canvas to discover new ways to display your art, craft & fashion designs.